• Our Membership Meetings are the THIRD MONDAY of the month with Social Time at 6:30 p.m. and the Meeting 7 p.m. Membership meetings are held at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce on East Main Street
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Founded in 1940, the Salisbury Jaycees is the oldest continuously active community service, social and leadership training organization for young professionals in Maryland.

JCI Senators

Junior Chamber International Senatorship

The idea of organizing the “JCI Senate“ was approved at the seventh JCI World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, in September 1952 and included in the JCI Bylaws as a category of membership. Since then, Junior Chamber members in over 90 countries have been honored.

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Past Presidents

Many current leaders and businessmen attribute their success to the skills they learned and contacts they made through their membership in the Jaycees. Most began right where you are now - as perspectives and chapter members.

As you look through our list of Past Presidents, you'll see many familiar names.  Business owners, elected politicians, community leaders, and perhaps even some of your friends and family members have been chosen to lead the Salisbury Jaycees since our founding.

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USJC Ambassadors

U.S. Jaycees Ambassador Honor Program

Since 1976, United States Junior Chamber chapters across the country have recognized their finest members by presenting them with the prestigious Ambassador honor. 

This life-long honor recognizes those who have served the United States Junior Chamber and their community with highest distinction and greatest contribution. It is the highest honor bestowed on a member of the U.S. Jaycees. 

Members of the Salisbury Jaycees who have been presented with this honor are:

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Maryland Militia

Maryland Jaycee Militia

The Maryland Jaycee Militia is a subsidiary organization of the Maryland Jaycees.  Militia members have been nominated by their chapter for going above and beyond the call of duty in supporting and representing the Jaycee movement in the community.  Of the tens of thousands of young Marylanders to join the Junior Chamber, less than 1000 have been accepted into the Maryland Militia.  Recognition as a member of the Militia grants the honoree lifetime membership rights in our chapter and the Maryland Junior Chamber.

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